I directed, illustrated, and animated, seven 30-second spots for TV and web with an anything-goes style to champion the power of fresh breath: CoolBreathPower. I got the job because BBDO needed a visual style and sensibility ripped from the mind of a socially awkward, minimally talented, teenager. It's something I was born to do, still I needed to hire a team of 4 animators to help complete the project. That gave me a little more time to illustrate the majority of a very deep interactive companion website, some banners and alternative package designs. For a bit over a year, if you saw an ad from Winterfresh, on a TV, computer, or Times Square billboard, I probably drew it.
BBDO Chicago for Wrigley

Director, Illustrator, Animator: Karl Ackermann
Additional animation: Jon Brzyski, Takeshi Murata, Eun-Ha Paek, Arthur Jones
Producer, Creative Direction, Copy: BBDO Chicago

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