I got my start in art school, making weird games to teach myself programming. They got some recognition, and attention from media agencies, which commissioned me to make more … and here we are. Following are a few of my faves.
Draw a message in the snow, and send it to a friend. This was a holiday project to learn database programming, that got so popular I had to get help get help from an actual database programmer, Chris Allert. In 2001 over a million pee-mails were sent. Which at that time was like, half the internet. PLAY
If you’re thinking this looks kinda like Elf Yourself, or JibJab, you’re dead wrong. Elf Yourself and JibJab look like Super-Jam. We started this whole human-face-on-a-dancing-character-on-the-internet party.
I developed this with my friends, Paul KimTakeshi Murata, and Jon Brzyski, to launch the GAMES division of Wildbrain.com. It was a formative experience in the powerful possibilities that emerge when you lead a team of people more talented than you are. Put your face up and turn the bass up.
Dress up a cave man and his cave dog. Made for MSN, which was Microsoft’s attempt to take out AOL. Apparently it worked. Thanks Cavemanicure.
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