Prototyping! I helped build and concept a couple robots for a Hot Pockets pitch. They were a hit, but in the end, Hot Pockets wasn’t hot enough to pick us, or maybe they didn’t have deep enough pockets.
The idea was to set up microwaves in the wild. If you saw one, you could tweet at it. If you tweeted hard enough, it would make you a Hot Pocket.
Thought up by Kate Carter and Zack Roif, I convinced the team we could bring a microwave to life. I vetted a bunch of vendors, and awarded the majority of the development to Mark Kleback. I was the single point of contact between Mark and the rest of the team, and co-directed this demo vid.
I made a Hot Pocket Chatbot for a 1-900 number that gave callers a taste of what it’s like to interact with a real Hot Pocket.  Comps by Steve Torres and Neil Lopez.
Our Hot Pocket Bot doesn't answer the phone anymore, but this is the TwiML code I wrote to control the conversation. Imagine it read in the voice of a female Stephen Hawking:

<dialplan name="Root">
    <menu maxDigits="3" timeout="2000" name="Menu1">
        <play type="tts" voice="female2" name="Choices">
        Hello, I am a hot hotpocket.
        Press 1 to take a bite of me.
        Press 2 to peel off my sleeve.
        Press 3 to nibble on my crust.
        <keypress pressed="1" name="choose1">
            <play type="tts" voice="female2" name="chose1">
            Oh. You took such a big bite of me.
            I taste delicious.
        <keypress pressed="2" name="choose2">
            <play type="tts" voice="female2" name="chose2">
            Whoah. Check out the curves of
            my crispy, golden, crust.
        <keypress pressed="3" name="choose3">
            <play type="tts" voice="female2" name="chose3">
            Ooh ooh Ah. Enjoy my flaky outer shell.
            Please nibble on me again sometime.
    <goto name="replayMenu">Menu1</goto>

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