Over the course of a couple years Arthur Jones and I landed creative development deals with Fox Animation, Comedy Central, and Adult Swim. It was a thrilling crash course on pitching, script writing, and animation production. We had an agent at ICM, good times, played a lot of basketball, and got to work with some of my heroes like John Lee from WonderShowzen, and Ben Jones of Paper Rad. 
Kids Like Us
With a tight timeline of two months, and tighter budget, we created three five-minute shorts from script to nuts. We passed on assistance from the studio in favor of complete control over the production from animation to VO casting and recording.
Grubstien  & Grubstien
A “gentrification comedy” about two brothers, Jay and Doug Grubstien, who inherit a crumbling brownstone populated by old-school New York eccentrics. Do the brothers $ell the building or work with the insane tenants to build an even more insane community?
And More
Some choice bits from concepts that never quite made it, and might make it still.

Other Projects

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